Radhika Sule

" Distance makes the heart grow fonder..."

This aptly summarizes the genesis of the Great Indian Jamboree.


In the year 2000, Radhika moved to Baltimore, USA, to pursue graduate studies in architecture. Over seven years in the architecture field, she worked on several historic rehabilitation projects in and around Baltimore.


However, destiny had other plans. As the mysteries of life unfolded, Radhika discovered her passion for food. This eventually led her in establishing The Verandah, a cafe in Baltimore which focuses on Indian Street Food.

During this pursuit, she realized even more how much she missed her roots. Her frequent visits to India laid the foundation of what was to be eventually developed into Indian Jamborees.

Today, Radhika lives in Baltimore with her husband and two children, enjoying her work. The Great Indian Jamboree is the ultimate culmination of her two passions: Architecture and Food. Also, it gives her more excuses to visit India annually and rekindle her ties with her place of birth and share India's fascinating stories with travelers.

​What started as a casual conversation between Radhika and her friend Anil who lives in India, resulted in developing the concept of the Great Indian Jamboree. 

Anil Singh

Anil's childhood was spent in Jammu and Kashmir. With the backdrop of Himalayas,  he intuitively grew up to become a wanderer. 

​In pursuit of education, he moved to South India. While he continued to study to become a dentist, he discovered his passion for travel. As often is the case with students, he traveled on a shoe string budget, hence discovering the hidden treasures of the land, usually unknown to most tourists. Be it local food or modes of transportation, Anil is well versed with the truest Indian essence. Today he lives in Lucknow with his family, where he is professor of Oral Pathology.

​Don't let his groomed, salt and pepper, professor-look deceive you. He has a bike ride starting from the plains of Lucknow and ending in bare valley of Ladakh in Kashmir, close to 1800 kilometers spread over 10 days on his resume. Being a part of the Great Indian Jamboree, he hopes to unleash the biker boy in him.

​Anil is the much required anchor of the Great Indian Jamboree in India, who will bridge the gap between the foreign travelers and the locals along the trail. He will enable you to come as close to the Indian experience as possible.