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If you really want to understand the culture of a place, travel with a local. Especially when it comes to India. It has so much to offer that it is easy to get lost, literally and figuratively. 


India is a vast country in terms of its experiences, diversities and complexities. It can be intimidating to travel alone in India. That is why we created these journeys. We call this adventure the Great Indian Jamboree. The aim of our Jamborees is to demystify India for the western traveler and bring them closer to Indian culture through its arts, architecture and cuisines.


ART and ARCHITECTURE: The history of a culture is immortalized through its art and architecture. India perfectly exemplifies this. India's history is beautifully preserved in its centuries-old majestic forts, palaces and temples.  As we wander through the narrow streets and historic arches, we are sure to relive the times when they were built. As we stay in these heritage palace hotels, you will find yourself soaking in the history. 

CUISINE: When speaking of culture, life revolves around customs.  What captures culture better than anything is food and sharing a meal with family and friends.  We call it a Spicepedition--we will take you on food crawls to try regional treats, local bazaars for spices, and shopping, and to unique dining experiences in homes, or in havelis with arched courtyards. You are sure to come back with a nourished soul and a lifetime of stories to share.

To other countries I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim.
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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